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The 3D web browser!

WRoom is a new browser that will let you navigate virtual rooms on the web. There is no HTML/Javascript to handle, just basic configuration file and images used for textures and walls.

This is an open source project created by Patrick Balleux. It is under heavy development so expect a few bugs as the current version is still in Alpha.


As of version 0.0.10, FFMpeg is used to play embeded media and does required that you have FFMpeg installed in the subfolder "/libs" where WRoom.jar is located. A special zip package for Windows has been created for Windows users. On Linux, if FFMpeg is already installed, it should work automatically.More to come on this new feature...

Get WRoom for the best experience: WebRoom.jar or WebRoom for Windows including FFMPEG

Experimental package for Mac Users: WRoom for MacOS

Create your own WRoom. Download the map file with many examples: map.wrm

How to install

A few WRoom available:

Screen Captures